Nutrition of BARVIKHA is delicious and healthily! Six meals a day are offered by the restaurant system. A restaurant has elegant interior and alive classical music. Room service is provided to VIP-guests. You will love our meal that is chosen individually by nutritionist according your preferences and medical condition.

An exclusive diet has developed for patients with cardiac disease. A simple carrot turned to a culinary masterpiece in the hands of our chief-cooker! Menu is changed weekly and seasonally. We have

  • main diet,
  • low carbohydrate diet,
  • protein-sparing diet,
  • special low caloric diet,
  • special prophylactic diet.

We have an individualized approach in nutrition:

  • low-protein, high-protein, fractional, hypoallergenic, mashed, sodium restricted or slag removal diet
  • fasting days
  • lenten meal plan

Our guests may chose their daily menu from about 50-60 different dishes while weekly menu has 300 various dishes. Menu contains 20 signature dishes, European dishes, fresh juices, variety of sea fish as a trout, salmon, sea bream, sea bass and red caviar. Lunch has a “green buffet” with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, different types of bread, mineral water; breakfast offers fruit and vegetable juices. There is the most modern equipment in the restaurant kitchen that allows cooking food gently and combine good taste with preservation of all nutrients. Fans appreciate the cuisine exceptional freshness, absence of various chemical additives, natural taste of each ingredient and deliciousness. Whole-grain wheat bread “Barvikha” that keeps all nutrients of whole grains has been baked with a special technology since 1935. The patients receive additional therapeutic feeding, decoction of oats, wheat bran.

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