Attention to the Russian patients who prefer to perform heart and vessel surgeries in Central Europe.

European Society of Cardiology calls the doctors to administer cardiac rehabilitation program after a heart attack, heart surgery exactly the same way as aspirin and statins after myocardial infarction. Why? Because cardiac rehabilitation saves the lives of the patients.

Although many Russians prefer to perform cardiac surgery in Central Europe some of them can’t afford to continue aftercare there. These people return back home on the early stages after the complex surgery neglecting rehabilitation and loosing continuous medical follow-up.

Rehabilitation Center Barvikha has provided the cardiac rehabilitation program for the last 30 years.

We help our guests to recover faster after the heart surgery, manage postoperative pleuritis, pericarditis, and arrhythmia; we provide a wound care.

As a part of rehabilitation we perform exercise tests, build safe individualized physical training under 1:1 supervision of rehabilitatologist, give education and answer each question. Physical activity actually becomes part of the life of our patients and decreases the risk of recurrent cardiovascular events in the future.

Why come to Barvikha Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Department?

  • Up-to-date rehabilitation program
  • Individualized approach and the best care for every of our guests
  • Highly qualified  staff
  • Modern technology and equipment
  • Comfort and exclusive service of a  4*/5* hotel
  • 5-times a day dietary food (à la Carte)
  • Resort atmosphere, wonderful nature, beautiful picturesque landscape in the environmentally friendly region just 7 km to the West 7 km on from Moscow


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