Individualized training with rehabilitologist

Cardiovascular/aerobic exercise are the basis of cardiac rehabilitation. Scientific studies have shown that a properly selected training improves the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, quality of life of the patients and prolongs their lives. The exercise stess test to determine initial level how well your heart handles work is done before starting rehabilitation. This is a key of safety and efficacy of cardiac training at Barvikha. There is a continuous individual tolerance control by the rehabilitologist with immediate correction. There is an extensive work-up that evaluates your health, features of your main disease, complications and presence comorbidities. Then cardiologists and rehabilitologist develop a special program of private lessons with a certain intensity, duration and frequency of training for each patient. Based on international experience we have built a program of physical rehabilitation included strength exercises, training of respiratory muscles and aerobic exercise or endurance training. Aerobic cardiac exercises are the basis of cardiac rehabilitation. Usually, the person has to ride a bicycle or walk on treadmill that allow us to control the load based on the heart rate and provide precise dosing of the physiacl activity for everybody individually. The intensity and duration of the training increase progressively and consistently during the program. It always depends on the features of your body. Strength training managed by rehabilitologist may be added to the program. The rehabilitologist checks every patient before the training and stays with him during whole training session. Some classes are supervised by physical therapist. The pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation are monitored. ECG monitoring may be done also as needed. If physical activity provoked decrease in the oxygen saturation and signs of respiratory distress we would use the oxygen therapy during the training according the European guidelines. This is an unique method that significantly improves the results. Multidisciplinary team included many professionals such a cardiologist, rehabilitologist, physical therapist, somnologist, psychotherapist, etc archieves the maximal efficiency of physical rehabilitation. We have an individualized approach to our patients aimed to built and strengthen the motivation to change a lifestyle, to exercise and never lose this habit after discharging and returning to the daily life. The educational classes help our patients to understand their condition, plan their future activities consciously. The written recommendations are also provided.

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