Cardiac work-up OPTIMUM

Price is 31140 RUB

Maximal cardiac work-up in 2 days!

Fast and full cardiological examination without hospitalization!

The program assesses cardiovascular system status, the presence of risk factors, “hidden” signs of disease and the efficiency of current medications.

The program is suitable

  • for everyone who wants to know about his heart and vessels
  • for men older than 40 y.o. annually
  • for the patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease such hypertension, arrhythmia, angina, heart attack, after heart and angiosurgery
  • for the patients with diagnosed sleep apnea for evaluation of cardiac complications

Do you have any questions? Call us and we will help you! +7 495 228 9030, +7 495 642 5286. English speaking personnel +79256545069

Program includs:

  1. Full cardiac work-up:
  • Electrocardiography
  • Echocardiography
  • Carotid artery doppler
  • Doppler ultrasound of low extremities arteries and veins
  • shoulder-ankle index
  • 24-hours blood pressure monitoring
  • Holter ECG
  • stress exercise tests (riding a bike, treadmill-test or 6-minutes walking test)

* cardiologist selects the type of stress test after initial consultation and interim assessment of the data carried out on the 1st day of the survey.

  1. Laboratory tests:
  • complete blood count
  • urine analysis
  • biochemistry (blood glucose, lipid profile, kidney and liver function, electrolytes)
  • TSH (thyroid function)
  1. Final cardiology assessment with creation of management plan and individual recommendations.

You have to call and schedule your evaluation in 3-5 days ahead!

Additional information:

  • Total time required is 2 days (2-3 hours on the 1st day and 3-4 hours on the 2nd day).
  • We provide this program from Tuesday to Friday
  • Inter term cardiology assessment is free of charge!
  • You may stay at “BARVIKHA” for two days (verify the prices for accomodation). You may chose 4/5* accomodation with 5-times meals a la carte, included swimming pool and gym.

If you chose accomodation for 2 days the cardiology primary assessment with ECG is free of charge!

Any specialists consultations, different ultrasounds, spa, sauna, gym, swimming pool are available per request!

Contacts: +7 495 2289030, +7 495 6425286

Days Location Action Time required
1st day Reception (groundfloor) Paper-work 10 minutes
Suite# 1328 Initial cardiology assessment 40 minutes
Laboratory (suite 550) Specimen collection: CBC, urine analysis, TSH (fasting before 10a.m.) 20 minutes
Cafe Before the breakfast (meal is not included) 1h
Department of diagnostics Imaging studies:


▪    ECG

▪    Echocardiography

▪    Carotid artery doppler

▪    ECG and BP monitoring

1.5 h
2nd day Suite# 1328 Primary cardiology assessment 15 minutes
Department of diagnostics Imaging studies:


▪    removing bifunctional monitor

▪    Doppler ultrasound of arteries and veins

▪    exercise stress test

Suite# 1328 Final cardiology consultation (after 2 p.m) 1h


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