Cardiac work-up EXPRESS

The price is 16165 RUB

Complex cardiac work-up for 4 hours!

Final cardiology consultation in the same day!

The program evaluates the cardiovascular risk factors, early signs of disease while prevention and treatment are the most effective.

It’s better to prevent than treat!

The program is suitable:

  • for everyone who has a busy schedule, work s a lot
  • for everyone who wants to check their health condition
  • for everyone after 40 year old without cardiac disease
  • for the patients with diagnosed sleep anpea

Do you have any questions? Call us and we will help you! +7 495 228 9030, +7 495 642 5286

 Program includes:

  1. Cardiac work-up:
  • Electrocardiography
  • Echocardiography
  • Carotid artery doppler
  • Low extremities arterial doppler
  • shoulder-ankle index
  1. Laboratory tests:
  • complete blood count
  • urine analysis
  • biochemistry (blood glucose, lipid profile, kidney and liver function, electrolytes)
  1. Final cardiology assessment with creation of management plan and individual recommendations.

You have to call and schedule your evaluation in 3-5 days ahead!

 Additional information:

  • Whole duration of the diagnostic test is 2-3 hours!
  • Final cardiology consultation (after 2 p.m) at the same day!
  • Если Вы не можете ожидать до 14.00 – мы перешлем Вам данные анализов крови по электронной почте! Обсудить результаты будет возможно со специалистом по телефону.
  • Any specialists consultations, different ultrasounds, spa, sauna, gym, swimming pool are available per request!

Проведите время ожидания с пользой!

Contacts: +7 495 2289030, +7 495 6425286

Как проходит программа обследования «Экспресс»:

(время проведения программы согласовывается индивидуально)

Location Action Time required
Reception (groundfloor) Paper-work 10 minutes
Laboratory (suite 550) Specimen collection: CBC, urine analysis, TSH (fasting before 10a.m.) 20 minutes
Cafeshop Before the breakfast (meal is not included) 1h
Department of diagnostics Imaging studies:

§  ECG

§  Echocardiography

§  Carotid artery doppler

§  Low extremities arterial doppler


Suite# 36 Final cardiology consultation (after 2 p.m) 1h


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