Cardiac rehab after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), valve surgery

Cardiac rehabilitation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery, heart valve surgery includes:

  • Accommodation in 4*/5* apartement
  • 5-times a day dietary food à la carte menu
  • 24-hours staff supervision
  • Daily supervision of cardiologist (on-call on weekends)
  • Education for patients with heart and lung diseases
  • Specialists consultations:
    • nutritionist
    • occupation therapist, kinesiologist
    • surgeon
    • psychotherapist
    • physical therapist
    • dermatologist

Full cardiac work-up:

  • ECG weekly/PRN
  • Echocardiography
  • exercise stress test with oxygen saturation control chosen by your MD must be done twice to estimate the progress (treadmill, bicycle or six-minute walk test)
  • Holter monitoring
  • 24-hours blood pressure monitoring
  • Chest ultrasound to determine pleural effusion
  • portable pulse oxymetry to check nocturnal oxygen saturation

Laboratory tests:

  • complete blood count
  • biochemistry
  • urine analysis

Surgical assistance, postoperative wounds dressing Physiotherapy is an effective techniques:*

  • magnetotherapy to heal the wound, decrease edema
  • respiratory stimulators to train and improve pulmonary function, prevent congestion or help to treat lung nfection
  • Exercise therapy in small groups for 3-5 patients * or individual lessons as indicated
  • Cardio training: walking on treadmill or riding a bike under the supervision of kinesiologist or rehabilitologist*
  • Therapeutic collar zone massage (if not contraindicated)*

Work-up, consultations, procedures included in the program without additional charge **:

  • Specialists consultations: endocrinologist, pulmonologist, neurologist
  • Imaging studies: Arterial ultrasound for carotid, upper and lower extremity arteries, ultrasound for veins, soft tissues; chest X-rays, pulmonary function test
  • Laboratory tests: TSH; urine microscopy, proteinuria
  • Procedures: low-flow oxygen therapy, short-wave ultraviolet light (UVB) to improve post-operative wound healing

Additional services (not included in the  rehabilitation program price):**

  • diagnose insomnia and sleep-breathing disorders (polysomnography),
  • respiratory support methods used in patients with chronic heart failure and / or chronic obstructive lung disease, sleep apnea (CPAP- and BIPAP-therapy, TriLevel adaptive servoventilation therapy)
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy for infections and wounds that won’t heal
  • medical xenon inhalation for neuroprotection
  • Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), therapy for persistant angina.
  • ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, gastroenterology consult
  • a broad range of ultrasound imaging studies
  • colonoscopy, gastroscopy may be done under general anestesia
  • physiotherapy of comorbidities
  • dentist
  • acupuncture, hirudotherapy
  • chiropractic
  • SPA-center and cosmetology

* The number of procedures depends on the duration of stay

** Indication and contraindications determined by the attending physician

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